My two feet hit the floor,

Somehow already behind.

There are school bags to be packed, 

There’s a library book to find.


The twins have been awake since dawn,

Frolicking like fawns around my bed.

At the simple mention of getting dressed,

Suddenly their feet turn into lead.


This one prefers runny eggs,

While that one asks for toast.

Judging by their orders,

It’s royalty I host.


Our daughter stands before me sobbing,

A dangling comb’s come to a halt.

Her hair is like a bird’s nest,

She lists off reasons it’s my fault.


I balance all their lunches,

Nutritionally sound in a bento box.

They tell me about ‘Fruit By the Foot Mom’,

And how much she totally rocks.

(If you’re Fruit by the Foot Mom, you DO rock.)


The baby is awake now,

And wailing from his crib.

I fed him thirty times through the night,

But he swears he sees a rib.


I breeze past the mirror in the bathroom,

Gosh, my dried drool looks sublime.

I shout a reminder to be getting dressed,

Certainly they heard me this eighth time.


I run upstairs to check progress,

I find them still in underwear.

But the good news is they’ve built a fort,

And left a trail of dog food leading there.


Our oldest makes a fresh batch of slime,

The baby goes toilet diving.

I threaten to throw all her ingredients away.

I pray his immunity is thriving.


At long last everyone is dressed,

And donning at least one shoe.

They haven’t even missed the bus,

Such hard things we can do!


“Can you sign this permission slip?”

“Can you build my Leprechaun trap?”

“Oops, my project is due today…”

“Ugh, Mom! We don’t say ‘crap’!”


Bus Driver Bob pulls up to the stop,

In his gleaming chariot of yellow.

The last one skitters out the door exclaiming,

“Remember to drop off my cello!”


I make my way back inside,

Grab the coffee I forgot.

How cute am I to believe

That I’d be drinking it hot 😉