I sometimes feel bad for Tuesday. The poor thing typically gets a bad wrap. It’s unrightfully seen as the “armpit” of the week, am I right?

Tuesday can’t measure up to the attention Monday gets from dramatic haters and it fades in comparison to the Hump Day chants lifted up to Wednesday in offices everywhere.

It’s like the unintentionally forgotten third child (not that I’ve ever forgotten my third child…today). “Let’s see, we have Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and crazy ol’ Saturday…are we missing somebody? I feel like we might be missing somebody…”

But Tuesdays are kind of awesome around here.

They start at 5 AM (not the awesome part) when my husband leaves for a small group (yes, there are actually multiple people who are up before the sun. I didn’t believe it at first either). At about 7:12 AM, that same husband waltzes back in, suddenly looking like a superhero and carrying a cardboard box full of Spudnuts (if you don’t know what Spudnuts are, my heart actually breaks for you). I swear our neighbors wake up consistently at 7:12 every Tuesday morning to the “DONUT DAY!!!!!” screams that come from our house. Sorry Bob and Trudy. Much love to you.

I’m not sure if it’s the deliciously glazed potato-flour pastries that make the morning so spectacular, or if it’s the fact that we’re all in the kitchen together, smiling with chocolate-ringed lips on a day that is usually deemed insignificant. Either way, we’re in love with mornings like this.

So raise a donut to Tuesday. Treat yourself. Treat your family. Find something to make it stand out against the other 6 days. They’ve already found their glory, man.

And listen up, Tuesday. Thanks for being awesome. I can’t speak for everyone–but in our house, you’re a real fave.


P.S. Remember that little blip about never forgetting my third child? Well…EastLake Tri-Cities - Worship Night-65


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